Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Snow for the Season.... (we hope)

How can it be sunny warm boating weather one weekend and snow the next?? Still spins me out how variable the weather is down here. We have been pretty busy and not had time to get to the snow this winter, so a couple of weeks ago when the mountain was topped with a healthy does of the white stuff, the kids and I grabbed the opportunity to go and play.

Mount Wellington is the closest spot for us to go, takes about twenty minutes to get there. If the road is iced over they close the road for safety but you can park part way up and do some of the walks.

We got there early in the morning (9am)... the road was closed... we hung around down below and played around a bit, had some fun. As we were about to get in the car and head home we noticed the road was open again... yeah!!!

Up the top we went, it was snowing while we were up there, yet looking back over Hobart we could see the sun shining... (beautiful)... Kids had a blast of a time... we were the only ones up there for about half an hour, as other car loads of people turned up and Wilson began to cry about his freezing cold fingers... we headed home.

Just in case you wondered about Angus not wearing a jumper... lets just say he has become accustomed to the weather!!