Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Annie Lennox - Keep Young & Beautiful

A 'beautiful' example of social consciousness.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another one of those days...

I have mentioned previously how impressive the view is from my home. I have not however, shared that I often enjoy this view while sitting out the front of the house in my parked car.

Talking to my mother the other night about the strains of a large family, I asked her how she coped.... She told me that she really didn't think she coped, she survived. That was interesting because as the oldest child, that seemed to be my interpretation of her performance too (I say that with love Mum).

I am having one of those survival days, going to bed late last night didn't help.

Today my well intentioned plans of productivity just went out the door. In my mind I have been going over the events that transpired, there is no moment I could pinpoint and say, that's when it all started going to just unraveled that way.

I won't go into the details of my days demise, yet I will share that I have now been sitting in my car for an hour...the view is amazing and I almost feel ready to go inside to see this evening out...wish me warmth and luck...tomorrow is a new day!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do I need a plan?

Just wondering about this forty something crisis that people go through...I thought by the time I was my age I would know what I wanted from life...

I finish my study in January and I had anticipated by this stage in my degree I would have a clue of what type of nursing I wanted to venture into... nope... My favourite placement was probably mental health, tragic yet hilarious... I imagine too that I would enjoy midwifery, seems birthing was one of my personal talents, I'm sure I would enjoy witnessing new life emerge on a daily basis... Having the opportunity to care for a patient as they depart this life, is also a blessed experience... however, I still don't know what I want to do with this new knowledge...

I think about my family living in Tasmania, how did that happen? I was just watching Sixty minutes one night in QLD and something came on about Tasmania... Seemed like a good idea, suggested it to Adam... purchased a house over the phone within the week and made plans to move... without ever visiting the place... who does that, and I really do wonder why?

Married at eighteen? Seriously, if my Ethan came home and told me he was getting married, I am sorry I would have him on a plane North... somewhere, anywhere. I will admit, marrying my wonderful husband was a saving grace for me, he is my anchor, but I do wonder what my parents were thinking.

Then children... we have four... not really planned that way, we never thought we should not have too many children, we might not be able to afford them, might be too difficult, we should wait until we pay the house off... yada yada. We just did it and I do love them, although I have been known to hide under the stairwell, or lock myself in my bedroom to get a break.

The businesses we have owned... Adam and I were sitting in Cold Rock in Brisbane and watching people line up for this ice cream sensation and thought we could do that... we just decided on the spot and opened a store a few months later. Sold our home to finance it.

I was a customer at the local organic store here in Hobart, the guy who worked there told me the shop was closing if no one purchased it by the end of the week... so I did, I purchased it and was running the store by the Friday of that week... We were in the middle of renovating a house and I was breastfeeding a baby... why?

It seems that is the way I like to live and I think secretly Adam enjoys the spontaneity of it too... just decide on something and go for it. Turns out, things have worked well enough living like this... I do wonder however, what would be different if we had a plan?

This coming up to forty in a few years is making me feel like I need one...

I'm planning a few things...

- being happy
- giving love
- feeling free
- wondering more

... and I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities strike our fancy in the future... I just wish they would hurry up already!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who knows...

My kids know everything... I am not quite sure when that happened... the older I get the less I feel I know. The older they get, the more they know. Kinda drives me nuts.
I can't tell Ethan when he does something wrong while driving... he already knows...
Nina does not need to be told that she needs to feed the rabbit or get ready for school... she already knows... actually, she knows with an eye roll.
Angus doesn't need to know that he needs to do his piano practice... he already knows.
Wilson knows too... he knows he has me wrapped around his little finger!