Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Mum.

My mum some times takes me to school
My mum she's pretty cool
She comforts me when I am sad
She keeps pretty calm when I am mad

She lets me do all kinds of stuff
even when I've had enough
She cooks us dinner every night
but sends us to our rooms when we have a fight

She may get angry a lot
but let's not lose the poem plot
She makes our lunch every morning
when she is a bit grumpy and yawning

On ebay she sells all my things
In return we find her keys, wallet and wedding rings
She tucks me in every night
She even leaves on the bedroom light

My Mum never gives me a smack
I love her to the moon and back

Angus Rea
Date unknown approx 2009

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High on Life

Haven't blogged for the longest time. Life has been moving along. Kids are all going and growning. Life is Tassie is bliss... esp on a sunny day. We are mostly high on life... prolly addicted to adrenalin.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

There is a special place in heaven for Lego builders...

I don't remember my big boys being into Lego as much as Wilson is... I often find his little men posed in precarious scripted scenes around the house. It may be an obsession. His walls are framed with Lego posters, the shelves (in his bedroom and downstairs) are full of his creations and not a day passes without someone in the family suffering a Lego injury. I am pretty sure there is someone at the dump who filters my vacuum cleaner bags and makes a living selling our Lego loss on eBay.

Of course this Christmas it was nothing out of the ordinary for Wilson to have Lego at the top of his list... (actually, there was nothing else on his list). Wilson is always very keen to open ALL the Lego bags, laying them ALL over his floor in order to start work immediately. With some of the big Lego enterprises Wilson usually needs some help. The problem is, if help is not sought early a mistake in the building will have compounded, and a LOT of time can be spent searching and correcting the error and rebuilding. This year to prevent frustration we worked with Wil early in the piece (so to speak).

Adam doesn't do Lego... so the job is usually divided between Angus and myself. This year we had our lovely visitor Nadine to assist. Wilson could not believe his luck, all these attentive Lego building assistants willing to walk him through the creation, collecting pieces and providing encouragement. Angus and I having been through this soooo many times before and we both skived off for a while and left Nadine with Wilson to continue with the project.

I came back an hour later and could hear the strain in Nadine's voice... the quality time, the novelty of it had worn off. I understood... Anyways, we got to a point where we could have a break from it and two weeks later nothing more has been done. Nadine has taken off touring around the island, I have been studying and Wilson has had enough play dates that he has not been pressing to get the Lego project finished... until yesterday... he asked me to work on it again with him...

Wilson grew very fond of Nadine while she was here. It may be due to the fact she played charades, jumped on the trampoline or because she gave him chocolate for Christmas, however I suspect it had a lot to do with her Lego building tenacity. He has been missing Nads and asks every day when she will return. Comments like, 'She's got our car, she will be coming back won't she?', 'I want Nadine to be my Aunty' and this morning, 'I want Nadine to come back, can you get me cornflakes'.

In order to allow Nadine to foster the relationship with her newest fan, I told Wilson that Nadine had asked me NOT to help him build the Lego. I was sure that Nadine had told me she wanted him to save it for next week, when I will be at the hospital and she will be back home with us looking for things to do.... I think there is a special place in heaven for Lego builders... To close the deal all I need to do now is let Nadine know that Wilson didn't want my building help, he wanted to wait for her to come back!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

dear diary...

the news here,

today I went to the dressmaker to have my dress fitted... it is beautiful, I can not wait to wear it.

ethan is taking full advantage of his parents being out for NYE, he has a few mates coming over... this afternoon I took him to the supermarket to run in and get milk. he went in with my debit card, half an hour later he came out with all he needed for his 'get together', I didn't realise I was funding the whole shindig.

had dinner and checked out a movie with my girlfriends tonight.... scored tickets to the Taste for NYE...(thanks Maryanne and Adam).

have been working a few shifts out at the aged care place, had a slow dance with a very distinguished resident last night. made my evening.

oh, the highlight for me today was taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and sunbaking in the backyard. I got into my togs and lay out in the yard, read some uni articles... I did get a bit of colour, just not evenly distributed colour, I now have a bum shadow...

definition of bum shadow: MOTIVATION to STOP eating chocolate. (I just googled bum shadow images... there is nothing there that really depicts my experience).

ps... nadine, come back.

kind of what my dress looks like. don't think I'll look this cute wearing it, but I sure will feel it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

School girl antics...

For the last twenty years my friend Nadine has been travelling the planet, working overseas, growing dreadlocks and having adventures... she claims that she is getting tired and too old for the travel nowadays and the flight down to Tassie was a 'little too long'. Her life is now as a teacher in Mount Perry QLD, making a difference in the lives of the children at the local primary school.... (if she's not making a difference she's at least making them laugh).

Yesterday Nadine and I had spent the day at Mona, Cadbury and then the Shot Tower. We just happened to be visiting the tower during a massive downpour. Rain is my favourite weather but the walk up the 259 stairs was not something Nadine was keen on, the rain making the hike seem more foreboding.

The fear and anxiety in Nadine's voice took me back to those school days where I (and usually Carley Rogers) would be gently forcing Nadine to do something she was petrified of doing. I felt the same little bit of evil pleasure I have always done, watching this very capable woman crumble in fear.... the memories made me smile... yes, there is a little twisted side to my personality.

Every step of the way Nadine was holding onto the rail for dear life, chanting 'Oh my God, Oh my God'... I laughingly reassured her that the chances of her falling through more than one stair rung was slight and in that case the worst thing that would happen was her landing a level below... Nadine took no delight in my reassurance and said, 'It's alright for you, you've got God!!'... we couldn't stop laughing. I said to Nadine, 'Okay, well I've got my God and you've got me... so instead of saying 'Oh my God', you can cry 'Oh Fiona' then God and I will have it sorted'...

We giggled our way to the top of the tower to find unsurprisingly no view due to cloud cover... Nads took a few picks to prove she had conquered the Tower and we headed back down.

It has been so great to forget about the stress of uni and just have fun with a childhood friend. Other highlights this weekend were Cargo, Salamanca Market, Party at Fern Tree and Goyte in the Botanical Gardens....
I am looking forward to tonight's Ghost tour at Port Arthur.... Nadine is going to be real easy to scare!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I have been lucky enough to receive a few of those Christmas letters in the last couple of weeks. I am always so grateful for the time people put into writing them and love how I am able to keep up with the comings and goings of my friends who are not close by. I have not written one of those for a few years and today because I am feeling a little floaty, I thought I would share some of our secrets...

Today I realised that I only have two days, three weeks, one Viva and two essays due before I finish my studies.... This sounds a little selfish to start with ME, however what I have been doing has taken its toll on the whole family for the last couple of years and collectively we are excited that it will soon come to an end.

When I was first accepted into the course, Adam and I talked about how our roles would change for a season. The discussion quickly focused on the families nutritional requirements, I had been responsible for this in the past and was quite happy to hand that job over to Adam, with some advice that sounded like, 'Hot chips are never the answer'...

Well, yesterday while I was in my local fish and chip store, those words echoed in my mind and I was reminded of just how far we have fallen!

From the mouths of big kids...

'Mum, I was just thinking the other day that you will probably never make my lunch again'

'I'm sick of this study, you're never here to take me places when I need a ride'

Dad joking around with the kids while folding washing one day says, 'This is Mums job, we want our Mum back'... Big child replies, 'She is never coming back now'.

"Wow, you cooked dinner?'

From the mouths of babes...

Nina has been a little harsh with me at times, comparing me to the Mums at school who are crafty, available for parent help and walk their kids to school... I think we need to move to a different suburb, a change in demographics will fix that! Seriously though, she has been amazing. She supports Wilson with his school responsibilities, homework and general care. As I posted on facebook this afternoon, she is so capable... strongwilled too, Adam won't take the credit for that trait.

My baby is the most forgiving, he thinks I am wonderful, smart, beautiful and as long as I give him everything his little heart desires we are the perfect partnership, mother and son.

From the mouth of my burdened husband... 'Things can only get better!'

Adam and I reminisce about the days when there was time to take an evening walk together. I got lucky when I married my man!

We have had some wonderful highlights too. Many visitors coming down from the mainland to share time with us and nurture friendships. We were especially happy to have the Brown family down from Brisbane for a week over Easter this year. Twelve people in the house for a week, was WONDERFUL! It was so great to spend time with these old friends and catch up were we left off. The kids had a blast, we did road trips, fished, toured, ate too much and laughed non stop. It was great!

Other special visitors have included Bruce and Anastasia, who love Tassie as much as we do. The kids are always SOOOOOO excited to see Uncle Bruce and Anastasia and we keep wishing they would move down. Every so often they tease us and tell us they are thinking about it. It would be so wonderful to have family close by.

Rebekah Seeman, flew down to spend a day with me. Rebekah is an Angel on earth, I love how we connect and I'm always happy to spend time with her.

Nana also came down (her first visit in three years). The whole family loved having her here, someone to provide cuddles, taxiing service, costume making, after school treats and lots of love. She is everything a Nana should be!

The kids are all doing well in their individual endeavours. I am excited most when I see them engaged in their pursuits with a look of determination in their eyes. These pursuits differ for each child.

Ethan has just finished year eleven, we are waiting for his results...

He has enjoyed the freedom of College and has done a good job organising himself to do all he needs to do... Seminary, school work, part time job, youth group, socialising, Call of Duty computer gaming, Facebook, skateboarding, bike riding, sleeping in, helping out around home and working with Dad. It really is a lot for a kid to do. He is now six foot four and makes Adam and I look like mini people. He is a pretty cool cat, nothing much ruffles his feathers if he has had enough sleep.

Angus is my contemplative child...

he is a deep thinker and has life planned out for the next twenty years. I'll leave it to him to share those details, yet it is enough to say that those who plan succeed. Angus is the perfect mix, a golden child who is rough around the edges. Under his prickly, grumpy and sometimes rude exterior is a boy who still likes get a cuddle from Mum and doesn't cringe when I rub his back. He does well at school but doesn't suck up, he hangs with the cool kids yet the teachers praise him. When he was a baby he had a blessing from Dad that said, 'Angus will make and keep friends'. He is a loyal, family centred boy.

Nina Jean is about to enter puberty...

I'll tell you how I know... it has something to do with the eye rolls, the slamming doors and the high pitched wail that comes with trying to get her brothers into trouble. I contemplate how my parenting is going to be stretched over the next few years with this wonderful ball of spunk and Adam advises me that I should treat her like he treats me... hmmm. I need to think about that. Seriously though, she was born knowing, discerning, capable and humbly confident. She has a talent to care for people and loves her social life. Nina has been busy with art classes this year and will continue next, adding to her after school activities a drama class. We're glad to have our girl.

Wilson Kelly...
Really I should stop there because the name says it all, or I cold have called him Stitch. He reminds me of the random little creature from the movie, 'Lilo and Stitch'. Our lives would be so dull without this boy. He is a teenager in a seven year old body. Recently Adam was asking Wilson to sit up for dinner, as Wilson somersaulted over the leather lounge, he called out 'I wasn't born for sitting still, I was born for freedom!'. Wilson appears brave, tough and indestructible, for the most part he is, yet there is a softness that shines through and we are so thankful to see it.

He gets that softness from his Dad. Adam has been stretched beyond belief this year. He continues to work hard building properties to sell and enjoys working on Sunny days the most! Adam is looking forward to my finishing school, we have recently reduced our financial commitments in Tasmania and look forward to a little freedom. Adam is planning to work on the mainland for the winter next year, just to capture the sun. He is such a great Dad, we love his laugh, his youthful attitude and his fortitude. I've said it before, but I will say it again, he rocks my socks!

I really can not think of anything else to share. Our lives are full, happy, blessed and we are tested like most. All these things seem to be part of the deal. Tasmania is such a beautiful place, we have surrounded ourselves with people in the community that we call family, for now Hobart is home.... (Please come down and visit while we are still here!!!)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011