Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Mum.

My mum some times takes me to school
My mum she's pretty cool
She comforts me when I am sad
She keeps pretty calm when I am mad

She lets me do all kinds of stuff
even when I've had enough
She cooks us dinner every night
but sends us to our rooms when we have a fight

She may get angry a lot
but let's not lose the poem plot
She makes our lunch every morning
when she is a bit grumpy and yawning

On ebay she sells all my things
In return we find her keys, wallet and wedding rings
She tucks me in every night
She even leaves on the bedroom light

My Mum never gives me a smack
I love her to the moon and back

Angus Rea
Date unknown approx 2009


  1. our kids seem to know us oh so well don't they? Great poem

  2. Our kids should be glad we don't write poems about them! JK! That was a great tribute to you!