Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blissed Out Days

Daylight savings is one of the highlights of Tassie. When the days start to become blissful they also last longer.

I have been so happy to see the kids outside a lot more, in the cooler months (most of the year) they are stuck inside. With the longer days it has been the usual for late bedtimes and trampoline until about 8pm. Angus is amazing to watch, he flips forward and backwards, his record for forward flips without stopping is somewhere around the 50 mark!

Blanche popped over yesterday, Wilson and Charlotte took the opportunity to do what they do best... Check out these pics that she took she is getting pretty clever with her camera. You will have to ask Blanche about the other pictures she left me also:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Countdown.... a new tradition??

Maybe a little premature, but tonight for family home evening we put up the Christmas Tree. Every year I feel like Christmas goes by too quickly, so the Rea family are attempting to prolong the excitment and fun of the Christmas season, just got to get Halloween out of the way.

Speaking of Halloween, the boys headed off to a Youth activity tonight, dressed like this....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here lies 'Boddy'

This week we had a death in our family. Our Budgie 'Bobby' was found stiff on the floor of the cage, his head next to the empty feed box.

There was blame about the empty food container and tears. Angus = blame, Nina = tears.

Bobby has left his girlfriend Bulker and we thought at first Bulker may need a new friend, however, Bulker now seems quite content with a new mirror.

Adam has been away working for a month, therefore Nina felt it was her duty to bury the bird and build the cross for his grave, my idea of plastic bag and wheelie bin where dismissed and I was accused of being uncaring.

Nina wrote the birds name on the little timber cross that Wilson hammered together. Nina was most upset about the death and with the emotions running high, heavy and teary she got her b's and her d's mixed up…


I pointed out that she had written 'Boddy' and Nina was horrified that I could actually laugh at a time like this.

Rest in Peace Bobby.

Or maybe... Wilson just seemed curious about the whole situation and this was proved when a few days later he and his playmate decided to try and dig up Bobby. He said to me "I was digging around and Bobby is still there". I explained to him that Bobby's spirit had gone to heaven and it was a nice place for the bird to be. Wilson told me he personally did not want to go to Heaven... "hmmm why?" I asked, "Because I have seen it, It is just all clouds and stuff
That is five year old logic.