Saturday, December 31, 2011

dear diary...

the news here,

today I went to the dressmaker to have my dress fitted... it is beautiful, I can not wait to wear it.

ethan is taking full advantage of his parents being out for NYE, he has a few mates coming over... this afternoon I took him to the supermarket to run in and get milk. he went in with my debit card, half an hour later he came out with all he needed for his 'get together', I didn't realise I was funding the whole shindig.

had dinner and checked out a movie with my girlfriends tonight.... scored tickets to the Taste for NYE...(thanks Maryanne and Adam).

have been working a few shifts out at the aged care place, had a slow dance with a very distinguished resident last night. made my evening.

oh, the highlight for me today was taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and sunbaking in the backyard. I got into my togs and lay out in the yard, read some uni articles... I did get a bit of colour, just not evenly distributed colour, I now have a bum shadow...

definition of bum shadow: MOTIVATION to STOP eating chocolate. (I just googled bum shadow images... there is nothing there that really depicts my experience).

ps... nadine, come back.

kind of what my dress looks like. don't think I'll look this cute wearing it, but I sure will feel it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

School girl antics...

For the last twenty years my friend Nadine has been travelling the planet, working overseas, growing dreadlocks and having adventures... she claims that she is getting tired and too old for the travel nowadays and the flight down to Tassie was a 'little too long'. Her life is now as a teacher in Mount Perry QLD, making a difference in the lives of the children at the local primary school.... (if she's not making a difference she's at least making them laugh).

Yesterday Nadine and I had spent the day at Mona, Cadbury and then the Shot Tower. We just happened to be visiting the tower during a massive downpour. Rain is my favourite weather but the walk up the 259 stairs was not something Nadine was keen on, the rain making the hike seem more foreboding.

The fear and anxiety in Nadine's voice took me back to those school days where I (and usually Carley Rogers) would be gently forcing Nadine to do something she was petrified of doing. I felt the same little bit of evil pleasure I have always done, watching this very capable woman crumble in fear.... the memories made me smile... yes, there is a little twisted side to my personality.

Every step of the way Nadine was holding onto the rail for dear life, chanting 'Oh my God, Oh my God'... I laughingly reassured her that the chances of her falling through more than one stair rung was slight and in that case the worst thing that would happen was her landing a level below... Nadine took no delight in my reassurance and said, 'It's alright for you, you've got God!!'... we couldn't stop laughing. I said to Nadine, 'Okay, well I've got my God and you've got me... so instead of saying 'Oh my God', you can cry 'Oh Fiona' then God and I will have it sorted'...

We giggled our way to the top of the tower to find unsurprisingly no view due to cloud cover... Nads took a few picks to prove she had conquered the Tower and we headed back down.

It has been so great to forget about the stress of uni and just have fun with a childhood friend. Other highlights this weekend were Cargo, Salamanca Market, Party at Fern Tree and Goyte in the Botanical Gardens....
I am looking forward to tonight's Ghost tour at Port Arthur.... Nadine is going to be real easy to scare!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I have been lucky enough to receive a few of those Christmas letters in the last couple of weeks. I am always so grateful for the time people put into writing them and love how I am able to keep up with the comings and goings of my friends who are not close by. I have not written one of those for a few years and today because I am feeling a little floaty, I thought I would share some of our secrets...

Today I realised that I only have two days, three weeks, one Viva and two essays due before I finish my studies.... This sounds a little selfish to start with ME, however what I have been doing has taken its toll on the whole family for the last couple of years and collectively we are excited that it will soon come to an end.

When I was first accepted into the course, Adam and I talked about how our roles would change for a season. The discussion quickly focused on the families nutritional requirements, I had been responsible for this in the past and was quite happy to hand that job over to Adam, with some advice that sounded like, 'Hot chips are never the answer'...

Well, yesterday while I was in my local fish and chip store, those words echoed in my mind and I was reminded of just how far we have fallen!

From the mouths of big kids...

'Mum, I was just thinking the other day that you will probably never make my lunch again'

'I'm sick of this study, you're never here to take me places when I need a ride'

Dad joking around with the kids while folding washing one day says, 'This is Mums job, we want our Mum back'... Big child replies, 'She is never coming back now'.

"Wow, you cooked dinner?'

From the mouths of babes...

Nina has been a little harsh with me at times, comparing me to the Mums at school who are crafty, available for parent help and walk their kids to school... I think we need to move to a different suburb, a change in demographics will fix that! Seriously though, she has been amazing. She supports Wilson with his school responsibilities, homework and general care. As I posted on facebook this afternoon, she is so capable... strongwilled too, Adam won't take the credit for that trait.

My baby is the most forgiving, he thinks I am wonderful, smart, beautiful and as long as I give him everything his little heart desires we are the perfect partnership, mother and son.

From the mouth of my burdened husband... 'Things can only get better!'

Adam and I reminisce about the days when there was time to take an evening walk together. I got lucky when I married my man!

We have had some wonderful highlights too. Many visitors coming down from the mainland to share time with us and nurture friendships. We were especially happy to have the Brown family down from Brisbane for a week over Easter this year. Twelve people in the house for a week, was WONDERFUL! It was so great to spend time with these old friends and catch up were we left off. The kids had a blast, we did road trips, fished, toured, ate too much and laughed non stop. It was great!

Other special visitors have included Bruce and Anastasia, who love Tassie as much as we do. The kids are always SOOOOOO excited to see Uncle Bruce and Anastasia and we keep wishing they would move down. Every so often they tease us and tell us they are thinking about it. It would be so wonderful to have family close by.

Rebekah Seeman, flew down to spend a day with me. Rebekah is an Angel on earth, I love how we connect and I'm always happy to spend time with her.

Nana also came down (her first visit in three years). The whole family loved having her here, someone to provide cuddles, taxiing service, costume making, after school treats and lots of love. She is everything a Nana should be!

The kids are all doing well in their individual endeavours. I am excited most when I see them engaged in their pursuits with a look of determination in their eyes. These pursuits differ for each child.

Ethan has just finished year eleven, we are waiting for his results...

He has enjoyed the freedom of College and has done a good job organising himself to do all he needs to do... Seminary, school work, part time job, youth group, socialising, Call of Duty computer gaming, Facebook, skateboarding, bike riding, sleeping in, helping out around home and working with Dad. It really is a lot for a kid to do. He is now six foot four and makes Adam and I look like mini people. He is a pretty cool cat, nothing much ruffles his feathers if he has had enough sleep.

Angus is my contemplative child...

he is a deep thinker and has life planned out for the next twenty years. I'll leave it to him to share those details, yet it is enough to say that those who plan succeed. Angus is the perfect mix, a golden child who is rough around the edges. Under his prickly, grumpy and sometimes rude exterior is a boy who still likes get a cuddle from Mum and doesn't cringe when I rub his back. He does well at school but doesn't suck up, he hangs with the cool kids yet the teachers praise him. When he was a baby he had a blessing from Dad that said, 'Angus will make and keep friends'. He is a loyal, family centred boy.

Nina Jean is about to enter puberty...

I'll tell you how I know... it has something to do with the eye rolls, the slamming doors and the high pitched wail that comes with trying to get her brothers into trouble. I contemplate how my parenting is going to be stretched over the next few years with this wonderful ball of spunk and Adam advises me that I should treat her like he treats me... hmmm. I need to think about that. Seriously though, she was born knowing, discerning, capable and humbly confident. She has a talent to care for people and loves her social life. Nina has been busy with art classes this year and will continue next, adding to her after school activities a drama class. We're glad to have our girl.

Wilson Kelly...
Really I should stop there because the name says it all, or I cold have called him Stitch. He reminds me of the random little creature from the movie, 'Lilo and Stitch'. Our lives would be so dull without this boy. He is a teenager in a seven year old body. Recently Adam was asking Wilson to sit up for dinner, as Wilson somersaulted over the leather lounge, he called out 'I wasn't born for sitting still, I was born for freedom!'. Wilson appears brave, tough and indestructible, for the most part he is, yet there is a softness that shines through and we are so thankful to see it.

He gets that softness from his Dad. Adam has been stretched beyond belief this year. He continues to work hard building properties to sell and enjoys working on Sunny days the most! Adam is looking forward to my finishing school, we have recently reduced our financial commitments in Tasmania and look forward to a little freedom. Adam is planning to work on the mainland for the winter next year, just to capture the sun. He is such a great Dad, we love his laugh, his youthful attitude and his fortitude. I've said it before, but I will say it again, he rocks my socks!

I really can not think of anything else to share. Our lives are full, happy, blessed and we are tested like most. All these things seem to be part of the deal. Tasmania is such a beautiful place, we have surrounded ourselves with people in the community that we call family, for now Hobart is home.... (Please come down and visit while we are still here!!!)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am on my placement at the moment, enjoying putting into practice my uni learning. I love listening to the stories that patients share. I especially like talking to people who are in the later half of their life, their reflections are something I find fascinating.

I have a few standard questions, I just wanted to share some of my favourite answers...

Do you have any regrets?

A man shared that after divorcing his wife of fifty years, regretted was that he did not cherish her and put his career pursuits before his relationship.
A man who has had his ability to travel taken from him by ill health, regretted that he did not have more adventures.
A woman who had lived with an abusive husband regretted not leaving him.

What is the secret to a long marriage?

Putting up with each other.
Doing the right thing.
Falling in love again and again.

my favourite so far,

'This too will pass'

Cool job huh.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ethan had an epiphany this morning...
'When do you finish uni Mum?'
'February, why?'
'I was just wondering if you will ever make my lunch again, it probably isn't going to happen is it?'
Growing up is tough.


Driving in the car...Wilson says "Mum, I've decided what I want to be when I grow up'... (his last career aim was to work at Dominos, like Ethan)...'I think I will be a pirate, because Jack Sparrow probably has everyday clothes'...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The sun was shining on me today... Life is good.

This is one of those feel good posts. I have been having up and down days the last two weeks, mainly the regular humdrum of my life, add a bit of spice.

The sun was shining today and after yesterdays pit of emotional choc mint ice cream and nutella dulldrum, I was suddenly aware of all the great things I have going on in my life... comprising mainly of people. I have always been a great believer that friends are forever. My mother would tell me that people come and go and I have always tried to prove her somewhat incorrect by 'collecting' people that warm my heart. I endeavour to stay in contact and care for those close and dear to me.

So this post is a post of thanks... a thank you to those I love who enrich my life with their spunk, openness, dedication, humour, angelicness, free spiritedness, adventure seeking nature, cheek, sass and love. I was especially appreciative today.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

If you don't love Lego, you don't love life.

My baby turned seven today... SO EXCITING! He is looking forward to his birthday party tomorrow.

job list...

pick up cake
charge camera batteries
advise the party place of numbers

Think I should have remembered to purchase wrapping paper too... the newspaper at the bottom of the pic is another present... that is called sustainability!

We love you Wilson.

Eat your greens.

I can still hear those words echoing... my mother, telling my brother to eat his greens. Craig was such a stubborn kid, he would fall asleep at the table instead of eating his green vegetables.

Adam has been doing most of the cooking this year, he takes turns with Dominos. Last week while I was on prac, I felt a pang of guilt about the diet we are currently consuming. I popped into Woolworth and at that same moment my guilt started feeling a little exhausted itself. I decided on spaghetti bolognese. Easy spaghetti bolognese.... the bottled sauce, mince and pasta type. On the way to the check out with my dinner option, I realised I had no vegetables... spinach!! Easy.

I had a few errands to run on the way home and by this stage the bottled sauce spaghetti option was starting to sound like hard work. I decided to make it easier. I have always been the type of person to wonder, if a recipie needs twenty minutes to simmer, why not boil it in five? So the approach I took really was quite practical and appropriate given my recent kitchen history.

The blender is my favourite kitchen appliance. I have been known to blend a chicken roast, vegetable and gravy dinner for the sake of getting a child to eat it. So it seemed a sensible idea to throw the spinach in the blender with the bottled pasta sauce. When the spinach filled the whole canister and I needed to add water to get the sauce and spinach to mix, I realised I had overstepped the mark of what could be considered an appropriate amount of spinach to disguise in the sauce...

What I think I did successfully achieve, was a fifteen minute surprise meal. A surprise because we did not really know what it was anymore, surprising that it actually turned out looking so gruesome, and by far the greatest surprise was that it didn't taste too bad and the kids ate it. Really just needed enough cheese to hide the colour... viola!

I had a picture of the meal on facebook and made the comment to a friend that if I was being graded on my cooking my report card would read like the one my least favourite teacher, Mr Kenovan, wrote in primary school... 'Fiona has potential beyond the results she is currently achieving, yet... she continues to display a 'careless' attitude!'

I would not really say I have never been a cook, I remember at one stage in early married family life, I bottled sauce, made jam and home made bread... I catered my twenty first birthday party... I can even make a mean baked cheesecake. I would say however, that at the moment my attitude is careless, not really only towards cooking but I would also add to the list... housework, bookwork, ironing and really anything that can wait until next February.

I prefer to think of myself as easygoing, not necessarily careless... seems that's the way we are rolling and to some degree surviving... so I think we will stick with this method with the expectation that things will get better, until then, one word... BLENDER!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Angus arrived home yesterday, spending the last two weeks in France. He is a kind hearted boy and had purchased gifts for all family members. He presented me with my gifts, a tea towel and a crystal ornament of the Eiffel tower. As he walked away he chuckled to himself and said 'I was going to buy you a chef's hat Mum, I thought that would have been a good joke'... I agree, it would have been.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Since Mum started University...

I came home from work this afternoon. Nina presented me with a pie chart that she had created on the computer. I can not get it to copy to blogger... here are the percentages...

Going to university - 75%
Helping the kids - 5%
Having fun - 10%
Sleeping - 4%
Cleaning - 1%
Studying - 5%

We are certainly missing a balanced life!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Annie Lennox - Keep Young & Beautiful

A 'beautiful' example of social consciousness.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another one of those days...

I have mentioned previously how impressive the view is from my home. I have not however, shared that I often enjoy this view while sitting out the front of the house in my parked car.

Talking to my mother the other night about the strains of a large family, I asked her how she coped.... She told me that she really didn't think she coped, she survived. That was interesting because as the oldest child, that seemed to be my interpretation of her performance too (I say that with love Mum).

I am having one of those survival days, going to bed late last night didn't help.

Today my well intentioned plans of productivity just went out the door. In my mind I have been going over the events that transpired, there is no moment I could pinpoint and say, that's when it all started going to just unraveled that way.

I won't go into the details of my days demise, yet I will share that I have now been sitting in my car for an hour...the view is amazing and I almost feel ready to go inside to see this evening out...wish me warmth and luck...tomorrow is a new day!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do I need a plan?

Just wondering about this forty something crisis that people go through...I thought by the time I was my age I would know what I wanted from life...

I finish my study in January and I had anticipated by this stage in my degree I would have a clue of what type of nursing I wanted to venture into... nope... My favourite placement was probably mental health, tragic yet hilarious... I imagine too that I would enjoy midwifery, seems birthing was one of my personal talents, I'm sure I would enjoy witnessing new life emerge on a daily basis... Having the opportunity to care for a patient as they depart this life, is also a blessed experience... however, I still don't know what I want to do with this new knowledge...

I think about my family living in Tasmania, how did that happen? I was just watching Sixty minutes one night in QLD and something came on about Tasmania... Seemed like a good idea, suggested it to Adam... purchased a house over the phone within the week and made plans to move... without ever visiting the place... who does that, and I really do wonder why?

Married at eighteen? Seriously, if my Ethan came home and told me he was getting married, I am sorry I would have him on a plane North... somewhere, anywhere. I will admit, marrying my wonderful husband was a saving grace for me, he is my anchor, but I do wonder what my parents were thinking.

Then children... we have four... not really planned that way, we never thought we should not have too many children, we might not be able to afford them, might be too difficult, we should wait until we pay the house off... yada yada. We just did it and I do love them, although I have been known to hide under the stairwell, or lock myself in my bedroom to get a break.

The businesses we have owned... Adam and I were sitting in Cold Rock in Brisbane and watching people line up for this ice cream sensation and thought we could do that... we just decided on the spot and opened a store a few months later. Sold our home to finance it.

I was a customer at the local organic store here in Hobart, the guy who worked there told me the shop was closing if no one purchased it by the end of the week... so I did, I purchased it and was running the store by the Friday of that week... We were in the middle of renovating a house and I was breastfeeding a baby... why?

It seems that is the way I like to live and I think secretly Adam enjoys the spontaneity of it too... just decide on something and go for it. Turns out, things have worked well enough living like this... I do wonder however, what would be different if we had a plan?

This coming up to forty in a few years is making me feel like I need one...

I'm planning a few things...

- being happy
- giving love
- feeling free
- wondering more

... and I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities strike our fancy in the future... I just wish they would hurry up already!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who knows...

My kids know everything... I am not quite sure when that happened... the older I get the less I feel I know. The older they get, the more they know. Kinda drives me nuts.
I can't tell Ethan when he does something wrong while driving... he already knows...
Nina does not need to be told that she needs to feed the rabbit or get ready for school... she already knows... actually, she knows with an eye roll.
Angus doesn't need to know that he needs to do his piano practice... he already knows.
Wilson knows too... he knows he has me wrapped around his little finger!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lines of time

This photo was taken in a Southern Oregon Coastal town. It one of my favourite pictures of the trip. We are both getting older. I love looking at peoples faces. I would like to read this book at the moment...about face reading, it looks interesting... I'll add it to the growing pile next to my bed... the 'when uni finishes' pile:)

Friday, July 8, 2011

I left my heart in San Francisco

Here we are just a little over a week until we get home. We arrived in San Fran last night, greeted by the fog... all I can say is I love this place. What a vibe and so much beauty! I don't want to leave yet!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Salt Lake City Family Visit

Been in Salt Lake City for a little over a week and have been enjoying the family time. Jared and Krista have lived here for fifteen years and we have been promising to visit them for that long...Has been fantastic to see these guys. The kids have asked if we can move a little closer... hmmm, not quite sure where that would be... I think we may just have to make more effort to get here a little sooner next time. We are already planning to come back next time in winter to do some skiing and have Christmas with these guys.

I have spent my time shopping... shopping... and shopping... mainly stuff for the kids, although I have managed to score myself a few pairs of shoes and a really sweet dress. I hope the dress will keep me motivated to stop eating every new taste sensation that crosses my path! Krista and Jared have made some excellent meals at home, I love Mexican and I don't think Amigos will ever live up the taste of Rea Mexican.

The Rea family here have survived a few dramas over the last couple of days, including the basement flooding and car problems. Jared has been working on the car for a couple of days now and Krista has promised if we do not make it to Yellowstone tomorrow she is going to become a single woman:) The basement has carpet pulled up everywhere with huge fans blowing to dry it out. The upstairs is housing all the extra bodies that were sleeping downstairs. Poor Krista!

Last night we took off to the Mountains and bathed in the hot springs of the Weber River. It was fantastic to lay in those hot pools looking up at the snow capped mountains and watch the sun go down... It was so relaxing, no one wanted to leave.

Today the kids and I went to the Hill Aerospace museum, there was a huge collection of aircrafts. Wilson wanted his picture taken in front of just about every plane. There was so many kids there, drove me a little crazy. Met a woman on the front desk who was going to Australia this year and was so excited to meet an Aussie!!

I was really impressed with a young guy I met who had a snow cone shack out the front of the museum. I got to talking with him and he told me he was eighteen and had just purchased his second shack and was paying for himself to go to Business college. He explained to me that his mother had him when she was very young and there never seemed to be enough money for anything. He learnt to work hard from a young age and bought his first car when he was twelve. Such an entrepreneur, it was great talking to him. The boys loved hearing his story.

Adam, Ethan, Angus, Seth and some friends have all gone paint balling tonight. I have taken the advice of my uni friend Georgia and decided to stay home. Black and blue all over didn't sound like my idea of fun.

We head North tomorrow for a few days to stay in the family cabin at Yellowstone. We are looking forward to a road trip and different scenery.

Okay... highlights so far...

- I got an upgrade with Virgin on my flight over here, turned out better than I thought. Plenty of leg room, my book and a nice chatty neighbour.

- Temple Square. Wilson got kinda bored so we ended up playing a game with his Lego Jack Sparrow... each pic we took had to have a 'Where's Jack Sparrow?'... just wait for the photo of the first vision, Joseph Smith with Jack Sparrow!!

- Real Estate runs, looking at lush properties and checking out display homes. I found a home that I loved, I think it was a 50's or 60's era, set high on the hill overlooking Salt Lake City.

- Met this guy who told me about a piano bar in town called 'Tavernacle', I am still laughing to myself about that... don't think we will get there:(

- My niece's Pageant, she won 2nd in attendance. If it was judged by her performance on the night only, there is no doubt she would have won. She did an amazing job of 'My new philosophy', from the musical 'You're a good man Charlie Brown'. She is a born performer.

- Risk... the boys have stayed up late most nights playing the board game with the cousins.

- Wilson... has spent so much time drawing. Krista is an artist and used to teach art at a local elementary school. Wilson has loved the one on one time with Aunty Krista as she has helped him develop his talent. They disappeared together the other night, just the two of them (at Wilson's request), to the library to borrow some drawing books to take with us to the cabin. He has been happy to miss some of our day trips so he can just stay home and draw.

- How could I forget... the warm weather!! It is so good to be warm.

That's it... more adventures to come!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Never too late to post

I have not been on here for ages... you know, life takes over and there has not really been anything exciting to talk about.. until now...

Adam and the kids arrived in Salt Lake City about six hours ago. I just got off skype and Adam explained the details of their flight... not too bad, until Wilson started throwing up in the plane, all over Adam and down into his own track pants. Luckily,this happened at the end of the flight, on US soil and right before going through customs. Adam said Wilson was laying all over the ground in the lines and continually filling vomit bags. Somebody must have felt sorry for them and Wilson achieved hero status with the family when they were ushered to the front of the lines, straight through customs!

I am finding this absolutely hilarious, because I am still in OZ... I have a couple of exams to finish before I can leave and alas, will be flying solo!! SOLO... this means I can chat to the person next to me, read a book, wander around and not be responsible for anyone else for the entire flight... how did it work out this wonderfully for me??... careful planning and of course, it was in Adams best interest to spend as much time with the family as possible:) I have the next few day to prepare vigorously for my exam, of course that will need to be broken up with a few breaks... movies, dinner, cafes. Oh, this is great!!

Something else that made me laugh... On the Delta flight from LA to SLC, poor Ethan (my biggest boy) was so tired he fell asleep with his head on the shoulder of the unknown girl sitting next to him... bless his little heart!

It is 9pm over there, Adam and the little kids are about to shower and get into bed. Ethan and Angus have already been out with their cousin Seth to buy BB guns... not sure how we will get those back into the country. My Sister in Law Krista just facebooked me to say the big kids were all out in the yard shooting off these guns. Not sure how the neighbours will react to that...

God Bless America.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bridport 2011

We have just come back from a beach camping holiday. Three weeks by the sea in the northern Tassie town of Bridport. We started the tradition a few years ago in order to catch up with the Bradbury family. Our theory is the further north we go the warmer it will be. I am not sure if that was the case this year, the fair weather days were scattered a little too infrequently. Regardless, we have come home wishing the holiday had not ended so soon.

Deeanne Bradbury and I have been friends for about sixteen years, we met in Brisbane and it probably made it easier for our family to move to Tassie because Dee lived here. We spent hours walking, talking and staying up late to talk some more. We have been discussing some of the same topics for the last sixteen years and it is interesting to see how our perspectives change with the additional insight that age and experience gifts. I do not think we had enough time to discuss all our thoughts and experiences for the year, but we parted with a promise to catch up soon. I hope this is the case.

Thanks for the company, I love good friends.

Friday, January 7, 2011

We have done some stuff...

So, about the pudding... I won't be bothered next year, and will go to the CWA. I was told it tasted fine, just not the best they had eaten. I will give anything a try once....(for the record, I am sure it was not the recipe)

Since then, we have done some stuff.

Christmas Day...

Home alone, the Tassie Rea family just hung around. We had a really relaxing day, hot Christmas lunch and in the afternoon headed down to the oval and hung out with some of the neighbours... French cricket and car racing.

While we were down there, I was sitting,talking to a friend, when another lady and her dog came over for a chat... a few minutes into the conversation my friend startled to cackle with laughter... the dog that had accompanied this lady had done a wee on my bike. I am not a dog lover and I have my reasons... The list of reasons just seems to keep growing.

Boxing Day...

The lovely McGowan family joined us for breakfast. It is always good to spend time with fellow Queenslanders to share stories about places, people and situations that are familiar.


Sunday afternoon we headed to Lake Echo in the central highlands, to camp with the Watson family. Some of the weather highlights were, snow, sun, hail and wind. The fun stuff was kayaking, 4WDing, fishing, walking and bathing in the lake. The camping spot was great and we had wonderful company. I was able to get to know the rest of Greta's family around the camp fire sharing stories and laughs.

Next stop was Eagle Hawk Neck with Dave and Lynn. Lucky enough to have perfect weather, sunny each day and stars that just lit up the sky of an evening. Adam and the kids did the sand dunes and had an interesting boating experience. I just played on the flying fox and stayed up late, talking fishing and nursing. We love staying at the block... the company is great, the view is amazing and as an added bonus, hot shower, kitchen and toilet.