Tuesday, December 20, 2011

School girl antics...

For the last twenty years my friend Nadine has been travelling the planet, working overseas, growing dreadlocks and having adventures... she claims that she is getting tired and too old for the travel nowadays and the flight down to Tassie was a 'little too long'. Her life is now as a teacher in Mount Perry QLD, making a difference in the lives of the children at the local primary school.... (if she's not making a difference she's at least making them laugh).

Yesterday Nadine and I had spent the day at Mona, Cadbury and then the Shot Tower. We just happened to be visiting the tower during a massive downpour. Rain is my favourite weather but the walk up the 259 stairs was not something Nadine was keen on, the rain making the hike seem more foreboding.

The fear and anxiety in Nadine's voice took me back to those school days where I (and usually Carley Rogers) would be gently forcing Nadine to do something she was petrified of doing. I felt the same little bit of evil pleasure I have always done, watching this very capable woman crumble in fear.... the memories made me smile... yes, there is a little twisted side to my personality.

Every step of the way Nadine was holding onto the rail for dear life, chanting 'Oh my God, Oh my God'... I laughingly reassured her that the chances of her falling through more than one stair rung was slight and in that case the worst thing that would happen was her landing a level below... Nadine took no delight in my reassurance and said, 'It's alright for you, you've got God!!'... we couldn't stop laughing. I said to Nadine, 'Okay, well I've got my God and you've got me... so instead of saying 'Oh my God', you can cry 'Oh Fiona' then God and I will have it sorted'...

We giggled our way to the top of the tower to find unsurprisingly no view due to cloud cover... Nads took a few picks to prove she had conquered the Tower and we headed back down.

It has been so great to forget about the stress of uni and just have fun with a childhood friend. Other highlights this weekend were Cargo, Salamanca Market, Party at Fern Tree and Goyte in the Botanical Gardens....
I am looking forward to tonight's Ghost tour at Port Arthur.... Nadine is going to be real easy to scare!

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