Saturday, December 31, 2011

dear diary...

the news here,

today I went to the dressmaker to have my dress fitted... it is beautiful, I can not wait to wear it.

ethan is taking full advantage of his parents being out for NYE, he has a few mates coming over... this afternoon I took him to the supermarket to run in and get milk. he went in with my debit card, half an hour later he came out with all he needed for his 'get together', I didn't realise I was funding the whole shindig.

had dinner and checked out a movie with my girlfriends tonight.... scored tickets to the Taste for NYE...(thanks Maryanne and Adam).

have been working a few shifts out at the aged care place, had a slow dance with a very distinguished resident last night. made my evening.

oh, the highlight for me today was taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and sunbaking in the backyard. I got into my togs and lay out in the yard, read some uni articles... I did get a bit of colour, just not evenly distributed colour, I now have a bum shadow...

definition of bum shadow: MOTIVATION to STOP eating chocolate. (I just googled bum shadow images... there is nothing there that really depicts my experience).

ps... nadine, come back.

kind of what my dress looks like. don't think I'll look this cute wearing it, but I sure will feel it!

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