Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lego Land

I love the way all the kids play together with lego. Wilson, Nina and even Angus on this occasion have made their own creations and they chatter amongst themselves creating their little stories... The talk goes like this... 'just pretend....' and 'what if my guy....' or 'how about your guy did this....'

The joy of make believe!!

The big question is.... WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN UP??

Sookie gets to play too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Surprise Sunday

I am still working on my assignment, but wanted to share something really exciting!!

Yesterday after Stake Conference I was chatting away when I noticed Ethan talking to a missionary. Took me a few moments to realise, but it was Elder Gray!!!! Ethan and Angus went to school with him in QLD. We knew he had been sent to Melbourne and had hoped to see him. It was still such a great surprise, we spent some time with him that night for dinner. To quote Kim he looked 'too gorgeous for words'. Seeing him all grown up with that missionary badge made me happy to the bones!! (Ethan was pretty stoked too).

... Does anyone know how to reference a Coroners report???

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am so wasted at the moment... I have permanent bags under my eyes and I wear a lot of black and grey to match. I have an assignment due on Monday, I should be doing it right now in fact... I almost finished it, but why not take opportunity to entertain any little distraction... you know I have not blogged for a while, so now is the perfect time... right, huh??

Adam is in QLD to celebrate his Dads 80th birthday and for the second weekend in a row I am a single parent. This is actually not too bad, my kids are mostly big.

I have nothing exciting to tell anyone except life is great!! no this is not turning into one of those 'How blessed am I' blogs.... but,

I love what I am studying, my kids are cool, my husband is unreal and long suffering... he has to be to put up with me... and life is ok. The boat is fixed, ready for Easter... I have put my scrabble words in...(my addiction)... and there is mail in my inbox.

That reminds me... do you remember that movie 'You've got mail'?? that blonde girl with the cute haircut is in it... I will remember her name soon. Well I admit that some days while I am sitting here listening to my lectures, doing bookwork, googling stuff, whatever... some days it just makes me so happy to have a friend send me an e-mail. When this happens, I always think of that movie and the little bubble pops into my head that says 'You've got mail'.

I have been chatting to some of my friends of late, some who have known me for a long time and some a short time. It makes me think of crazy stuff we used to do, I do not know where I got the energy... now days, I am a bit less bothered... less bothered about what people think, less bothered trying to be unique, less bothered staying up late for the hell of it, less bothered with a lot of stuff.

Funny huh... but I think it is because I feel so dang wasted!!

(This is a kinda weird, random, overtired post...)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Boys

Just want to say... my big boys don't like having their pics taken or stories told to and for the general public... For that reason, their pics and stories are found in our private family blog.

I can tell you that they are out Deer hunting this weekend...

Bit late Back to School pic 2010

Better late than never, this is for you Nana.

This is Wilsons first day ever of full time school... looks pretty confident huh!

Wilson has a great teacher Mrs Werne. I was a little worried when he was calling her Mrs Worm before school had even started. As it turns out, Mrs Werne is pretty cool. She 'gets' boys, had a great sense of humor and nothing much ruffles her feathers. A great match!! Wilson is having a wonderful year.

Nina has a lovely teacher this year her name is Miss Pace. The best thing about Miss Pace is that she loves art!! Nina has been able to work on a few art projects already and of course Nina can not get enough. Nina finished up her piano classes last year :( and has started art :) She goes to Brian Chandler School of Art every Wednesday with a skip in her step.

Decorating the Rabbit hutch

I do not think we will ever be able to move back to QLD... the reason is we all love our pet rabbit too much. When we first moved down seven years ago we had a little bunny 'Chocolate' who unfortunately died after a short time. We were all a little sad and did not have the room in our yard for another bunny.
This year Nina wanted a pet rabbit for her birthday, so we have welcomed 'Sookie' into the family. Sookie is now litter trained, she sleeps inside at night and lives out in her hutch during the day. Nina and Wilson had a great time decorating the hutch. Adam has build the MOTHER of all cages for this rabbit, kinda great when Dad is a builder!!

Picking Apples in the Garden

Our garden has needed a little bit of attention this summer. We had neglected the weeding and the pruning for some time and have played catch up the last few weekends. Adam has gone mad with some of the trees, I do not think they will need pruning again for a few years!! These pics show the kids picking the apples in one of the trees prior to the pruning... See below for the after photo... Apple sauce anyone??

Lansdowne Cresent Athletic Carnival 2010

Nina and Stella

Wilson with one of his ribbons

Nina in the 400m

Wilson and his teddy 'Shadow'

Lansdowne Cres State School had their annual sports day this Thursday. I took a welcomed break from study to go and watch their races and serve in the canteen. They had such a fun day (so did I) both Nina and Wilson have a good running style. I think they get this from Dad!! Wilson was especially excited about the teddy race. You can see the pick of him with his teddy crossing the line 1st. He was counting down the sleeps for this event. Nina was worried about the 400m but gave it her best, she is up near the front. She participated in everything and had fun cheering her team 'Bluegum'. Go Kids!!

The cafe was amazing (I should have taken a pic) all the parents cook and donate the food to sell to the kids and parents. Oh my heck, I live in a talented suburb!! You should have seen some of the stuff, monte carlos, fruit flans, caramel slice, savoury muffins, soups, quiche... the list goes on. I think I found my calling 'serving' rather than 'cooking'!!