Monday, February 22, 2010

Losing My Mind...

I was putting Nina and Wilson to bed last night, Wilson kept interrupting Nina while she was talking to me. I asked him to wait until Nina had finished her story. When I asked Wilson what he was going to tell me, he exasperatedly raised his voice and said, "She made me lose my mind"... apparently during the wait, Wilson had forgotten what he was going to say. He is not often lost for words.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money for Nothing....

Last Sunday Nina needed to see a doctor, so I volunteered for the job leaving Adam home to get the boys ready for Church.

When we all met up again in the afternoon, Wilson was so excited to show me the $20 he had in his wallet. I asked him where he found the money (knowing previously he had none) and explained that just because you find money around the house, this does not mean it is automatically yours.

Turns out he did not find the money. He declared "Dad gave it to me". I wondered what on earth did he do to earn $20!!! Wilson cleared that up when he said, "I got it for nothing!".

Wilson requires a bit of coaching on Sundays, he is still not really keen on the idea of sitting still for an hour! Apparently Adam was having a hard time getting Wilson out the door on time and offered him some money if he got ready quickly and came to church. Wilson furthered the negotiations with the insistence that it would have to be paper money, Adam then explained to me that the twenty was all he had in his wallet to offer Wil.

Wilson was sitting on the bed telling me what he was going to buy with his money when Adam, trying to be sneaky, said to me "I'll get it back off him later", Wilson overheard and said "No you won't, I heard that!!"

Ethan can not believe the luck of the youngest child, commenting that he would be rich if he got $20 every time he went to church.

Can not wait to see how we go next week...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We have had an excellent Summer!!

Riding the Sand Dunes Bridport TAS

Swimming at the Mermaid Pools

Hanging out at camp with our cousin Boru

Having a little break while she waits for her turn on the sea biscuit (Nina)

Jumping from the rocks at Mermaid (Ethan)

Being too cool for words (Angus)

Catching fish (Ethan)

Yes they are blueberries... (Nina and Boru)

Haning out with Deeanne at camp

Yeah, we really did catch fish...

Making new friends

Oh yeah.... We bought a BOAT!!! So exciting, I have wanted a boat forever, we are now officially a boatie family:) One problem, the boat has a small leak... nothing too bad we are happy to say. We are looking forward to lots of fun with this new toy!!

Catching up with some Cottage School friends.

Turning 10!! Miss Nina turned double digits...

Kirsten had a birthday too, it was much more than 10! I made this cake for Kirsten, actually I made two, the first one did not turn out... well, truthfully, the second one did not either, but I gave it to her anyway... figured she was a good enough friend to think it was the thought that counted:)

Well... that was a few holiday pics from one camera... I will add some more when I find the cable for the other camera.

Pretty creative blog huh!